With all of the new technology appearing in cars these days, you might think that it isn’t possible to do much more for your ride other than changing the oil and installing new wiper blades. This simply isn’t true. While your computers, infotainment, and advanced safety systems require additional knowledge and training, there are still a bunch of mechanical repairs you can do using replacement auto parts. Let’s check out some of the simpler projects you can do with some basic tools, a little muscle, and quality replacement auto parts.

Muffling the Exhaust System

Exhaust systems have come a long way in the last 20 years using metals that resist corrosion. However, your muffler can still develop a hole and need to be replaced. If you are replacing the entire exhaust system, you are going to need some jack stands or lift, a set of wrenches, power torque wrench, hacksaw, mallet, and of course your replacement auto parts. Generally, the exhaust is held in place with hangars and bolts. Each section is connected using more bolts and gaskets for a proper seal. No computers are required.

Swapping Out Your Brake Pads

Start by ordering the correct replacement auto part. You will need new pads, basic hand tools, brake fluid, brake cleaner, some grease, a bleeder tool, drip tray, and wire or bungee cord. Once again, there is no need to work with the car’s computer system. Make sure the car is jacked up using the frame. Following your car’s repair manual, bleed the brakes, loosen the calipers, and remove the old pads. Take some time to inspect your rotors for wear and have them machined if you notice an uneven surface.

Fixing the Thermostat

One of the most common reasons that there is no heat in your car is that the thermostat has failed. Besides the thermostat, you will also need a new gasket when ordering your replacement auto parts. The thermostat typically hides in the top or bottom hose mount on your radiator. Make sure to drain your radiator first. Using a couple wrenches and a screwdriver, remove the top hose from the housing. Take out the faulty thermostat and the old gasket. Clean the area. Reinstall the gasket and add some sealing compound. Install the new unit and resecure the housing.

Changing Out a Radiator

If you are working on an older car, there will come a time when its radiator may leak or has become so clogged it no longer functions. You will only need a set of wrenches, a bucket, screwdriver, pliers, jack stands, and a repair manual. Make sure to drain the radiator fluid first. Then you can get down to the task of disconnecting hoses, the cooling fan, and loosening the bolts to swap it out. You may discover that you will also need new hoses when ordering the replacement auto parts. Now is a great time to take care of that chore.

These are only a few of the basic mechanical repairs you can complete on almost any car on the road without worrying about messing with computers or electrical systems. Check out AutoPartsU.com for more tips and ideas when you are ready to order your replacement auto parts and get your ride back on the road.