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Performance Exhaust System Reviews

Best Universal Catalytic Converter Review

Catalytic converters are devices that are installed into the exhaust system of modern automobiles to reduce the level of pollution in the exhaust gas produced by the car. It is built with materials that facilitate chemical reactions changing pollutants like carbon monoxide produced from the exhaust system into carbon dioxide and water before it is released into the atmosphere.

Free Flowing Exhaust Frees Up Power

The faster exhaust can get out of your engine, and out of the pipes, the more power you can have in your car. The nature of the internal combustion engine is such that the exhaust system itself inhibits performance to some degree. Race cars often have no mufflers and have a free-flowing exhaust system so they can get the most out of their engines.

Magnaflow 15160 Exhaust System Review

This large Magnaflow 15160 stainless steel performance exhaust system kit is going to make any vehicle look and sound nicer. It creates a sound that is just right and not too aggressive. With its black finish and dual exhaust tips, this exhaust system is a complete upgrade to your current one.

Gibson Performance Exhaust 9540 Exhaust System Review

Gibson Performance Exhaust 9540 Aluminum Split Rear Dual Exhaust System This Gibson Aluminum Split Rear Dual Exhaust System is for the enthusiast who wants an awesome look and aggressive throaty sound. Gibson Exhaust Systems decrease backpressure and produce more...

Dynomax 39510 Dual Exhaust System Review

The Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler Cat-Black Dual Exhaust System has a sleek stainless steel look and a patented flow director design channels exhaust flow and eliminates turbulence. The large internal flow tubes improve exhaust flow and reduce backpressure. Each muffler...

Engine Management Reviews & Advice

Signs Your Vehicle’s Ignition Coil Needs Repair or Replacement

An inside look at the clues that indicate your vehicle’s ignition coil should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

An Inside Look at What Causes Crank Sensors to go Bad

This article explains the most common reasons why automobile crank sensors malfunction and require repair or replacement.

MotoRad 3MF430 Mass Air Flow Sensor Review

Learn more about the MotoRad 3MF430 mass air flow sensor for select Lexus and Toyota models in our MAF review.

MotoRad 1VS125 VVT Solenoid Review

Check out the latest VVT solenoid from MotoRad, designed to restore performance to select BMW vehicles.

The Importance of Sensors, Coils and Solenoids

The importance of sensors, coils, and solenoids and how engine management sensors work.

Radiator Product Reviews & Advice

Best Radiator Reviews & Advice

Car Radiator Buying Guide You would be surprised at the number of aftermarket radiators available online. The sheer number of models to choose from may also overwhelm you. When selecting the right...

Should I Flush Out My Radiator?

Flushing out your radiator is listed in your vehicle's Owners Manual as part of routine maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend completing this basic service every 40,000 to 60,000 miles or about...

TYC 2102 Radiator Review

Introduction The TYC Jeep Wrangler 1-row plastic aluminum replacement radiator will restore your vehicle’s factory cooling efficiency. TYC radiators are equal to OE construction or number and...

Tips for Buying the Best Replacement Radiators Online

Your car's radiator works to remove heat from your engine block, which improves horsepower and fuel mileage while extending the life of your engine. A clogged or corroded radiator is a sure way to...

The Importance of Choosing the Right Radiator

Did your car overheat due to a failed radiator? It might be tempting to grab the first one you find at a low price, but choosing the right radiator ensures that your engine will continue to operate...

Power Transmission Reviews & Advice

5 Indications that It is Time to Replace Your Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is an often overlooked culprit of a number of mechanical failures for aging cars. Keeping yours working properly requires minimal effort, as the only maintenance required for...

Everything You Need to Know for DIY Serpentine Belt Replacement

There is no reason to be intimidated by the prospect of replacing your vehicle’s worn or broken serpentine belt. With the right tools, knowledge, and willpower, you can replace this essential belt...

The Serpentine Belt and All the Pumps That It Powers

Is the serpentine belt on your car showing signs of wear, or maybe you noticed some squealing coming from under the hood? It's just a belt, and it isn't scheduled to be replaced for another 10,000...

How Long Should Your Serpentine Belt Last?

The vast majority of today’s cars have serpentine belts and taking care of them is an essential task. Without them, your engine can’t power the various accessories it relies on. But exactly how long...

DIY Idler Pulley Replacement

The drive belt in your vehicle is guided by the idler pulley. The idler pulley ensures adequate tension remains while the belt moves as necessary when the vehicle reaches high rates of speed. If the...

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