This large Magnaflow 15160 stainless steel performance exhaust system kit is going to make any vehicle look and sound nicer. It creates a sound that is just right and not too aggressive. With its black finish and dual exhaust tips, this exhaust system is a complete upgrade to your current one.

Manufacturer:   MagnaFlow Exhaust Products

Part Number: 15160


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dyno-proven power
  • Mandrel bent tubing
  • Straight through mufflers
  • No drone obnoxious sound, good sound at high RPM
  • Easy install
  • Exceptional customer reviews


  • One side sticks out centimeters more than the other



This Magnaflow 15160 stainless steel performance exhaust system kit is purely a feel-good, sound-good, and look-good upgrade. The install is quick and easy but the removal of your current exhaust will be more difficult. But with the right pliers, WD-40, and some force, it should be a breeze. You’ll want to leave the protective shipping covers on the tips when installing as to not scratch them from the bumper screws.


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