When you need parts for your transmission, it makes sense to get them where you find the best overall deal. That may not be your local part store though. Before you buy them anywhere, find out what you need for your vehicle. You should be able to enter that information on various sites to find out.

Compare Sites

Take the time to compare what the cost will be if you order transmission parts online. If you need help determining what you need, talk to the support team. They can help search by year, make, and model or, if you have the VIN, that can help them too. Find out what is offered both with market and aftermarket products.

Some consumers only want to buy the original item that was put into that vehicle from the manufacturer. Others don’t mind something just as comparable that is offered by an outside company if it means they can save money. Always verify the site is legitimate and it is secure before you buy something from them.

New or Refurbished

There are new, and there are refurbished parts to think about. New parts are going to be more expensive but they often have a warranty on them too. Refurbished parts are used, but they have been examined and made to work. They often don’t have a warranty, or they have a very short warranty. Yet they can be good parts and last a long time. Avoid used parts because they may not have much life left in them.


Before you buy transmission parts online, find out about the shipping involved. What will the delivery time be? Sometimes you can have it in a day or so. Other times it is going to be at least a week. If you need to get the vehicle back on the road immediately, you don’t want to be waiting around. What will the shipping cost be? Try to find a provider offering free shipping. If that isn’t possible, then find one with low shipping.

Free shipping is the best because transmission parts can be heavy. It really depends on what you need though. If it is just a filter or a module, then that isn’t too bad. If you need an entire transmission though, that can weigh quite a bit. There can also be extra shipping for the shape and size of the box to think about. You can always count on us to help with great shipping rates.

Always compare the overall cost including the parts and the shipping. Can you return the items if they aren’t right? If so, will you have to pay to ship them back, or is a return label offered? It can be frustrating to pay for shipping in both directions and still not have the part you need.