It is a rare incident when a new car or truck requires repair. Even when such a situation does arise, the vehicle is usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and the defects are taken care of by the manufacturer. Only in case of accidents, a new vehicle is in need of replacement parts. However, after a few years of usage, some of the components need to be replaced due to wear and tear. The different components have different lifespans. The durability of the auto parts is based on time, the miles the vehicle has run, and also whether the usage of the vehicle was in normal conditions or if the vehicle had to endure difficult weather or road conditions.

The life expectancy of the vehicle is typically about 10 years. Some may last more time and some less depending on the usage and quality standards of the manufacturer. During the initial year or two, the visit to the service center is only for preventive checks, oil changes, and replacement of consumables like an oil filter.

It is only after a few years that the vehicle owner has to deal with the replacement of parts for their car or truck. For example, spark plugs are up for replacement after a couple of years. Another auto component that needs replacement after a few years is the battery. Some of the other auto components that are typically replaced over the life of the vehicle are alternators, radiators, brakes, exhaust systems, fuel systems, starters, and thermostats.

There are several options for replacing the automotive components. The vehicle owner can purchase the components from the manufacturer using their auto dealerships. Alternatively, some vehicle owners purchase similar quality parts from reputed OEM manufacturers at automotive part retailers. Unlike the auto dealerships which typically offer only one option for the auto component, multiple options at various price points and quality standards are available with the automotive part retailers.

Many vehicle owners just take the emotionally safe route and choose to buy replacement parts from auto dealerships. This is especially true when the automobile is still relatively new. As the vehicle gets older, the market price of the vehicle is lower and the vehicle owners do not find value in buying auto parts from the dealerships. They expect their vehicle to last only another 2 or 4 years and look for auto parts of acceptable quality that can give trouble-free performance on the remaining life of the car.

When a certain car model is sold in large numbers, it will typically have more auto parts companies manufacturing the replacement parts. Not only that, the replacement parts may be available easily at the neighborhood auto part retailers.

Not all auto parts are manufactured to high-quality standards. It is important to use quality parts to have a trouble-free performance from the car or truck. Whether you get the parts replaced at a dealership, or repair shop or you are a DIYer you should be careful to buy good quality components for your vehicle.

Your car or truck plays an important role in your life. In today’s fast-paced world, we have to stick to hectic schedules to manage our personal and professional lives. Without a dependable personal mode of transportation, life becomes more hectic. To make your life easier, you should have a dependable automobile. For this reason, it is important to make good choices with respect to the quality of auto parts that will be used while repairing your car.