Spec-D Exhaust Catback System Review


The best catback exhaust system is necessary for any modern automobile. It is used to transport exhaust gases out from the combustion chamber and into the atmosphere. It can also be used to reduce engine noise. There has been constant innovation over the years in the way engine systems have been designed and produced. However, the function has always been the same. This article will examine the Spec-D Tuning MFCAT2-CV92T-SD Honda Civic Ex Dx Lx Si 2/4Dr Titanium Burnt Tip Catback Exhaust System based on the product itself and feedback from other users. It will feature any analysis of the product, discuss the pros and cons, and conclude the cons of the product is worth the price.

Manufacturer:  Spec-D Tuning


Under Full Load Conditions

  • Increases up to 15 hp
  • Deep smooth tone guaranteed


  • 92-95 Honda Civic DX/LX/EX 2/4dr models
  • 96-00 Honda Civic EX models
  • 99-00 Honda Civic Si Coupe models


  • Brand new in original packaging
  • Exactly the same as shown in the picture!
  • Made of high quality full T-304 stainless steel
  • Japanese N1 style.
  • Comes with removable silencer
  • Cost-effective
  • Comes with gaskets, hanger, and bolts
  • CNC mandrel bent.
  • . 4″ outlet titanium burnt tip 2.5″ piping


  • Does not come with installation instructions
  • Professional installation highly recommended

General Information:

Spec-D Tuning MFCAT2-CV92T The SD Honda Civic Ex Dx Lx Si 2/4Dr Titanium Burnt Tip Catback Exhaust System is a cost-effective exhaust system that comes with many valuable features. It is a product that customers can be sure that they have properly invested their money in and get a good product that will last a very long time.

However, the customer should confirm that the model purchased is compatible with the original model of the car. It is compatible with 92-95 Honda Civic DX/LX/EX 2/4dr models, 96-00 Honda Civic EX models, and 99-00 Honda Civic Si Coupe models only.

From experience, installing this catback exhaust system will give you greater performance. The difference will be evident from day one. But since it does not come with an installation manual, it is highly recommended that a professional handle the installation


Spec-D Tuning MFCAT2-CV92T-SD Honda Civic Ex Dx Lx Si 2/4Dr Titanium Burnt Tip Catback Exhaust System is definitely a good buy for car owners who want good value for their money. The cost is fair compared to the improved performance that will be visible from the moment of installation. We will, however, reiterate that the customer must make sure that the model is compatible with the model of their car.

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