Spectra Premium CU1693 GM Aluminum Radiator Review

Spectra Premium CU1693 GM Aluminum Radiator Review

Best Aluminum Radiators

Spectra Premium CU1693 GM Radiator Review

Best Aluminum Radiators Introduction

The Spectra Premium GM Radiator exceeds OE specifications. It is entirely engineered to last; it’s made of high tensile strength aluminum for maximum crimp strength and rubber compounds formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Manufacturer: Spectra Premium

Best Aluminum Radiators Features

Part Number: CU1693
Weight: 14 pounds
Dimensions: 38.9 x 6 x 23 inches
Origin: North America

Best Aluminum Radiators Pros

  • Maximum cooling efficiency
  • Perfect fit guaranteed
  • Engineered to last
  • 24-month warranty
  • Ports and adapters included
  • Thermal tested under real-life temperature simulation
  • Rubber compounds formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • High tensile strength aluminum for maximum crimp strength
  • Heat transfer professionals available to support your technical needs

Best Aluminum Radiators Cons

  • Depending on the engine, adapters in the oil and transmission line connections might not be needed
  • Plugs in the tank may not be needed on some engines and removal is slightly difficult
  • Might need to replace rubber O-rings on the vehicle before install

Best Aluminum Radiators Conclusion

This is the best aluminum radiator and a perfect fit for a great price. Make sure it will fit your vehicle, or you’ll run into some extra labor and/or money. With this OEM grade GM Radiator, you’ll receive premium fittings to ensure proper connectivity while preventing costly transmission engine repairs.

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