The car thermostat is a valve located between the best car radiator and the vehicle’s engine. It regulates the temperature of the radiator fluid. When the engine is cold, the thermostat stays closed, not allowing coolant to enter the engine. After you turn the ignition on and run the car for a while, the engine will heat up. Once the engine reaches a specific temperature, the best car thermostat will open and permit coolant to flow to the radiator, cooling down the engine. This process keeps the car from overheating. Because the best car thermostat allows your vehicle to run at an optimal temperature, any malfunctions will cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat.

Open and Closed Thermostats

There are times when the best car thermostat can get stuck in the open position allowing coolant to constantly flow through the radiator and engine. You may not notice, but one major sign it that no matter how long you’ve been driving, your vehicle doesn’t seem to heat up. If your vehicle runs too cool, you’ll have condensed fuel. Condensed fuel doesn’t burn the same as if your car was working at its best. Another thing you may notice if your best car thermostat is stuck in the open position is that your heater is probably not working either. The heating system is related to the cooling system. When one falters, you’ll notice the other one isn’t functioning.

The best car thermostat usually stays closed until the coolant warms up to a certain temperature. Then the fluid is cooled off by the best car radiator when it flushes through the system, but if the valve is in a fixed closed position, the engine will continue to get hot. You’ll notice your water temperature gauge moving closer to the red zone. If your car overheats for too long, your engine can be affected. It’s vital to replace your car thermostat as soon as you realize there is a problem.

Reasons for a Stuck Thermostat

Knowing the reasons a thermostat may get stuck can help you figure out what you need to do to solve the problem. You may need to buy an aftermarket replacement car thermostat or have a complete flush of your system. Getting a new car thermostat is less expensive than buying an engine for your vehicle, so you should not wait until you notice that there is something wrong with your vehicle.

Leaks – The surface of the mounted fixture, which houses the thermostat, can have leaks. If you just had work done on your car and there are some leaks, the mount may not have been properly resealed. You’ll need a new thermostat and a clean replacement mount.

Rust – When inspecting the thermostat valve, check to see if there is rust or corrosion on the part. You’ll need to flush the cooling system when you replace the valve.

Clogs – A buildup of deposits and sludge can cause the thermostat to clog and tamper with the capacity of the valve mechanism. This accumulation can occur if you mix different types of coolant or the wrong type of coolant for your vehicle. Start with buying the best car thermostat and then flushing out your system.