Do You Need A Jump Pack?

Do You Need A Jump Pack?

A battery jump pack is something you might carry for years and never need, but the one time you do need it, you will appreciate having it. A battery jump pack is essentially a battery charger, or a device to start your car when your battery is dead. People still carry jumper cables for that purpose, but it can be hard to find a friendly fellow motorist at times.

For years these packs were very big and not at all practical to have in your car. They were large boxes used by companies offering roadside assistance and in care repair shops. They could start a car with a dead battery, but the weight and size made them impractical for most people.

Now with modern technology, they can weigh just a few pounds and fit in your glove box. Prices are down too, so they are affordable and a convenient device to have in your car or truck. These devices can also be used to charge cell phones and other electronic devices. This tool would be useful to have in your vehicle just in case, and they also have other uses as well, so a battery jump pack is a convenient purchase you can make without spending a fortune.

There are two kinds of battery jump packsJump boxes and plug-in units. A battery jump box is just a battery with jumper cables attached. These cannot charge a battery, but they can start your car if the battery is dead. The best battery jump pack depends on your needs and how you plan to use it. If you only need something to start your car at home a plug-in type unit may be all you need. However, if you want something you can keep in your vehicle for emergencies, the best hid kit for that situation would be the jump box option. There are strengths and weaknesses to both. They are cheap enough now that you could have both to have all bases covered.

The best battery jump pack will start your car, but won’t charge the battery. If you have both, you can start your car with the jump box and then charge it later with the plugin option. Starting your car with a dead battery is necessary, but understand that not charging it up with a charger is hard on your alternator. The alternator is not designed to charge up your battery on the run, so you could end up shortening the life of the alternator, which will cost a fair amount in the long term.

The downside of the plug-in unit, of course, is that you have to plug it in. It will start your car with a dead battery, but to charge up the battery it will need to be plugged in.

There are a lot of other perhaps less notable advantages to having one of these systems. Many come with emergency lights. Some come with a radio, and some come with an air compressor to air up a leaky tire. Add to that USB ports and the possibility of charging your phone or tablet, and you can see having a jump pack would be useful even if you don’t ever find your battery dead when you need your car to start. It is also possible to use this best hid kit to run your laptop when the need arises.

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