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Tips for Buying Transmission Parts Online

When you need parts for your transmission, it makes sense to get them where you find the best overall deal. That may not be your local part store though. Before you buy them anywhere, find out what you need for your vehicle. You should be able to enter that information on various sites to find out. Compare Sites Take the time to compare what the cost will be if you order transmission parts online. If you need help determining what you need, talk to the support team. They can help search by year, make, and model. If you have...

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Importance of a Properly Operating Thermostat

Introduction A thermostat can be described as a device or component which is sensitive enough to sense the temperature of a system such as an automotive system so that the temperature is kept at a desirable point. It is a device in an automotive that controls cooling or heating automatically in such a way as to maintain the temperature nearly constant. This coolant control serves as a regulator that is automatically regulating temperature by starting or stopping the supply of heat in the engine. It is also widely used in many other systems not just automotive. To maintain a needed temperature, control is applied by switching the devices on or off which thereby regulates the flow of a heat transfer fluid as required for the maintainability of the correct temperature. It is important to properly operate the device to achieve the best result of controlling heating and cooling of the automotive. How does car’s thermostat work? Between the engine and the radiator of a liquid-cooled car engine is a small device called a thermostat. The thermostat’s primary function is to keep the car’s engine to a minimum operating temperature for optimal performance. The coolant mixture is usually conserved within the engine by the thermostat when a car’s engine is started cold. When the temperature of the coolant achieves the set startup point of the thermostat, it starts automatically. The...

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How to Perform Fuel Injector and Upper Plenum Cleaning

This is a problem relating to multi-port fuel injected vehicles. Previously, fuel entered the intake manifold through a carburetor or fuel injectors positioned in a throttle body. The fuel passing through the intake manifold kept the interior of the manifold free of carbon buildup. Multi-port fuel injection differs in that the injectors are in the lower manifold runners, close to the intake valves. Air and positive crankcase ventilation (PVC) induced carbons are the only things passing through the manifold. The PVC valve deposits carbon on the walls of the intake manifold referred to as “coking.” Coking begins to be problematic when sufficient coking material accumulates, restricting airflow and fowling the injectors. The rate of coke buildup depends first on the climatic zone, and secondly by the mileage induced wear on the engine. The climactic zone matters because the colder the engine, the longer it takes to reach normal operating temperature and seal the rings. Mileage induced wear refers to the piston ring and valve guide wear, which creates higher levels of crankcase pressure. The increase in pressure forces more carbon through the PCV valve and into the manifold. By removing the buildup of coke in the manifold and injectors, the idle will smooth out, the throttle response will quicken and the fuel economy will increase. Symptoms Drop in fuel economy Rougher than normal idle Slower than normal acceleration Cause...

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Importance Of Using Good Auto Parts During Repair Of Your Car Or Truck

It is only after a few years that the vehicle owner has to deal with the replacement of parts for their car or truck. For example, spark plugs are up for replacement after a couple of years. Another auto component that needs replacement after a few years is the battery. Some of the other auto components that are typically replaced over the life of the vehicle are alternators, radiators, brakes, exhaust systems, fuel systems, starters, and thermostats.

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How a Clutch Works

Just because there is no clutch pedal in a car with an automatic transmission doesn’t mean that there isn’t a clutch. Clutches are not just associated with cars either, if you have a chainsaw or a go-kart, they have clutches as well although they work a little differently.

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