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DIY Truck Alternator Repair Tips

Are you having charging problems in your truck? It can be a result of several items including your alternator or battery that needs to be replaced. Both of these items give you some similar symptoms, but don’t waste money on replacing both.

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DIY Car Repair Best Practices

Fixing your vehicle yourself saves you a ton of money—if you know what you are doing. Today’s vehicles have at least one computer, the electronic control unit, and most have a computer for the transmission, ABS brakes, and even for the windows and seats.

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Radiator Replacement or Repair Guidance

After researching the best replacement radiators, you’re ready to buy one and install it. In many cases, replacing the radiator is rather simple and takes about a half-hour. However, some vehicles are a little more difficult because they have an oil cooler and / or an air conditioning condenser in the way.

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Replacement Car Parts Buying Tips

When you need to buy parts for your vehicle, you have tons of choices: Genuine, OEM and aftermarket parts. When you get to aftermarket parts, you have many brands to choose from, sometimes with a considerable difference in price.

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Tips For Buying Aftermarket Car Parts

When you’re a DIYer fixing your own vehicle, you want quality parts for a lower price. That means you probably shy away from the dealership. However, you should never count the dealer out completely. The dealer could surprise you with the lowest price on certain parts.

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Keys to a Quality DIY Auto Repair

Whether you are completing your first oil change, rotating the tires, or tackling your first brake job, you will need more than a few wrenches and a jack to get it done right. A well-stocked toolbox is only the first step toward taking care of your car without heading off to your neighborhood garage.

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