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How Can Damp Weather Affect My Car’s Braking Ability?

Friction is what is required to bring a moving vehicle safely to a halt. Rainwater and damp weather make surfaces more slippery. Understanding the concept behind each of these two statements will help you to understand the adverse effects that damp weather can have on your car’s braking ability.

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Alternator Smart Charging, What Is It?

Without getting into the complexities of the automotive alternator and how it functions, let’s address how alternator voltage output and engine adaptation strategy are calculated using the powertrain control module (PCM), body control module (BCM), and/or some type of dedicated charging system module.

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Alternator Operation and Reasons for Failure

The alternator is a workhorse of power to produce electricity to the entire vehicle to recharge the battery, power the headlights and all electrical accessories, run the fuel pump and injectors as well as the ignition system.

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