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Which Brake Pad is Right for My Ride?

Whether you are shopping for a new set of replacement brake pads for your daily driver or weekend racer, the long list of available parts that fit your car can be mind blowing. Before you buy the most popular brand because it’s probably a safe bet, it might be time to understand a little bit about what the different kinds of brake pads offer regarding performance and cost. There are three types of pads: organic, semi-metallic, and ceramic. They vary in price and ability to stop your car under different circumstances. Let’s check them out to find the best...

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What Is An Amp Rating?

Very basically, an amp rating is how much electrical current a wire or a switch can handle consistently over a period of time. This is true whether it is in a house or an automobile. But automobile electrical systems are different because it is considered a closed system with the battery being the source of power.

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Importance of Power Belt Tension

The tension belt is a pulley-mounted system that is loaded on a spring or pivot point mechanism. This unit is known as the Accessory Belt Drive System (ABDS). It supplies tension to engine belts. When functioning the entire system properly keeps the vehicle running smoothly, but if any one part of the system fails, it could affect the alternator. Subsequently, the battery, the engine, and the car could break down. The belt tension must have the proper amount of tension to keep the Accessory Belt Drive System from failing. The belt system transfers torque to run the accessories. When...

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Free Flowing Exhaust Frees Up Power

The faster exhaust can get out of your engine, and out of the pipes, the more power you can have in your car. The nature of the internal combustion engine is such that the exhaust system itself inhibits performance to some degree. Race cars often have no mufflers and have a free-flowing exhaust system so they can get the most out of their engines.

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Do You Need A Jump Pack?

A battery jump pack is something you might carry for years and never need, but the one time you do need it, you will appreciate having it. A battery jump pack is essentially a battery charger, or a device to start your car when your battery is dead. People still carry jumper cables for that purpose, but it can be hard to find a friendly fellow motorist at times. For years these packs were very big and not at all practical to have in your car. They were large boxes used by companies offering roadside assistance and in care...

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